Here's a compilation of items that I learn in day-to-day conversations and would like to revisit in the future. In the same vein as Reddit's TIL

Date Notes
Aug 01 2018 Contraptions event happening in Pittsburgh, PA every year! Look for announcement
Sep 01 2018 An unconference style annual event in Philadelphia PA. Ask for their schedule this year
Dec 15 2018 OpenIoT challenge, an annual event conducted by 'The Eclipse Foundation'
Feb 28 2019 Sneha Parthibaraja - First Indian to win the right to mention "No caste, No religion" in any certificate - only a personal privilege
Mar 04 2019 Earn crypto while learning about crypto
A high-level overview of most common software architectural patterns
Pelias is currently the most promising mapping platform with navigation app that I want to self-host and contribute to. Has backing from The Linux Foundation
Liberapay allows you to support open source developers for their work
Mar 05 2019 AWS partner training (free) for Machine Learning and more
Mar 08 2019 Quarkus - enabling Java as a language to run in serverless; think why AWS laambda allows node and Python but not Java. Speed of startup to be a true FaaS? That's what Quarkus from Redhat promises!
Another Link on Quarkus
Guidelines for writing apps in 2019 (?) that are good for running in today's serverless, container-first environemnts
Mar 10 2019 A project by Mr Charles of Pittsburgh as a primer to opening of a museum/art gallery for Jazz. Run in collaboration with Entertainment and Technology Center (ETC) of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the project aims to have bronze stars on sidewalks in Downtown that bring up images of famous local Jazz artists using Augmented-Reality technology
Mar 16 2019 Google CodeJam now lives under an umbrella . More competetions (on different schedules) to check out - (1) hashcode -- you pick team, Google enginners provide an engineering problem to solve (2) Kickstart - algorithmic challenge
Apr 04 2019 Best practices for serverless-ready software development
Apr 06 2019 Finished reviewing 11 proposals for CodeAndSupply's Abstractions 2019 conference